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Dear Customer, please ensure you go through the T&Cs applicable to your product Category

VAT: This is not a tax invoice. Tax invoice to be generated upon payment

Prices are VAT Exclusive

Delivery Schedules

1.Payment:: Clients outside Nairobi & immediate environs will be required to pay upfront before shipping

2. Pay on delivery only within Nairobi & immediate environs

3. Same-day delivery in Nairobi for Orders placed before 3:00PM

4. Next-day delivery countrywide

5. Same-day Delivery in Nairobi for order placed before 3:00PM

6. Cut-off time for Public Holidays is 2:30PM

Return Policy

1. The return period in case of a defective product due to manufacturing defaults is strictly 24 Hrs from the date of delivery 

2. Clients outside Nairobi should communicate with Saruk to facilitate the return at our cost

3. No returns will be accepted on products sold/delivered as sealed. Manufacturer warranty applies.

4. Ex-UK/refurbished Units can be returned for exchange/top-up to a new unit strictly within the first 2 weeks of purchase

Refund Policy

A full refund can be issued on the following grounds for deliveries outside Nairobi

1. Product defective upon delivery having been paid upfront

2. Defect in (1) above MUST be communicated within the first 12 Hours of receiving the item

3. No refund on items delivered by a rider and confirmed to be in working condition upon delivery

4. No refunds on brand new items after the first 12 Hours,  Manufacturer Warranty applies

Manufacturer Warranty

  1. For products with a manufacturer warranty, Saruk Digital will not be liable in the event the manufacturer does not cover
  2. For all items with manufacturer warranty, clients will be required to take them to the warranty center in Westlands in person for faster service. Please ensure you carry a copy of your receipt/order. Directions can be provided.
  3. Clients in Mombasa can take the units to the shop for the company to facilitate the warranty process on their behalf
  4. All UPSs have a manufacturer warranty and Saruk will only guarantee the unit for the first 7 days
  5. All Home Theatres have a 1-year manufacturer warranty(or as prescribed by the manufacturer)

Dealership Warranty: 

1.Units with a dealership warranty do not have a valid East African Manufacturer warranty as they are meant for sale in other regions.

2.As a result, you get a 1-year dealership or shop warranty subject to the conditions stated below

3.Units with a Dealership warranty only have a 1 month warranty on parts  like keyboards, batteries,

Dubai Warranty: Units with a Dubai Warranty do not have a valid East African manufacture warranty hence Saruk does not offer any warranty whatsoever on them.  Clients are required to test them on delivery or before purchase.

Laptops & Desktops

  1. The period of warranty is strictly 1 Year on Brand New Laptops & Desktops. This is only on parts and does not include blown-up or damaged parts by electricity.  3 months warranty on Ex Uk/ Refurbished units.
  2. No software installation will be done on the computer unless specified by the buyer and if so will be charged as per specification. By default, your unit will be installed with a trial version of Windows and Office valid for 30 days -1 year.
  3. No warranty on software or on any application installation done, or software-related issues (or purchases)
  4. Warranty on refurbished laptops/desktops is only on the motherboard and not on parts after a period of 1 month.
  5. No warranty on any parts for refurbished/ex-UK units (e.g keyboard, battery, harddisks, speakers) after a period of 2 weeks
  6. Warranted Battery life for ex-UK laptops is 1 and a half hours, however, this may be longer depending on the laptop type and usage.

Accessories/Parts on sold units

  1. Warranty on chargers is strictly valid for 1 month
  2. No Warranty on Screens upon testing at the shop.
  3. No warranty on keyboards after 1 month and none in case of liquid damage.
  4. 1-month warranty on batteries, 1 month on internal harddisks (sold)
  5. No Warranty on external HDDs after testing on delivery or at the shop

Refurbished iPhones

  1. The warranty is valid for a period of 2 weeks (for testing). 
  2. 1-month warranty doesn't cover physical damage, liquid damage, misuse, unauthorized repair, natural disaster, and Out of Warranty period
  3. 1-day swap for Dead on Arrival (DOA) and 3 days swap for DAP (Dead After Purchase) exclusive of the screen and battery defaults.
  4. T&Cs for Smartphones above also apply

Refurbished  Smartphones

  1. The motherboard warranty is valid for a period of 1 week for testing. 
  2. 3-month hardware warranty on the network, charging issues, earpiece, microphone, and speaker. 1-month warranty on chargers and accessories. 3 months warranty on Software.
  3. If a smartphone's display has been tested at the shop or on delivery, there will be no warranty afterward. In the case of deliveries, there will be no warranty after the first 24 hours.


1. 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty.

2. Mounts are sold separately and can be provided upon request

3. The cost of installation is separate for mounts


1. The cost of printer installation is separate from that of purchase if the service is required for more than an hour

2. All printers have a 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

3. No returns will be accepted on a printer that has already been set up/unsealed from the box

4. Please confirm your toner before opening it. Unsealed toners will not be accepted on return

5. Warranty on printers does not cover ink spillage


1. No warranty on screens upon testing at the shop.

2. TVs with a Dubai warranty do not have any local warranty hence Saruk.co.ke will not be liable in case of any manufacturing defects 48 Hours after purchase and testing at the shop

3. No warranty whatsoever on Hisense TVs, Screens, or parts upon testing at the shop or upon testing on delivery

4. No warranty on screen upon testing at the shop or on delivery

The warranty does not cover;

1. Physical; Damage

2. Liquid Damage

3. Faults caused by electrical surges


Prices on Saruk.co.ke and or at any of our branches are subject to change without any prior notice based on stock availability, running offers, etc in order to guarantee our client the best deals possible.

After-Sale Service

a) Can be provided upon request by the client depending on units being purchased.

b) Units requiring installation lasting more than an hour will be billed.

c) 1 Year of free after-sale support, collections, and drops from the client's location by our riders

d) Our delivery team is well trained and can assist with setup on delivery

N/B: being in possession of this document acknowledges you've read and accepted the T&Cs outlined above

Any units with less than a 1-year Warranty by default, not a brand-new product