Audionic Twin Bar 3 2.1 (BAR) Wall Mounted Covertible Soundbar Bluetooth Speaker USB/SD Card FM Radio Remote Control

Product Overview:

The Audionic Twin Bar 3 2.1 Wall Mounted Convertible Soundbar is an innovative audio solution that adds a touch of elegance to your sound setup. This soundbar combines sleek design with powerful sound capabilities, making it an ideal choice for enhancing your audio experience. It offers features like Bluetooth connectivity, USB/SD card support, built-in FM radio, and a remote control, providing a versatile and convenient way to enjoy your music and entertainment.


The Audionic Twin Bar 3 2.1 Wall Mounted Convertible Soundbar is a versatile and stylish audio solution. Whether you're watching movies, listening to music, or enjoying your favorite radio stations, this soundbar offers a range of options for playing your audio content. With its convertible design, Bluetooth connectivity, USB/SD card support, and a user-friendly remote control, it's designed to enhance your audio experience and seamlessly adapt to your entertainment needs.

Top of Form

Convertible Soundbar: The Twin Bar 3 can be wall-mounted, offering a space-saving and stylish audio solution that complements your decor. The flexible design allows you to choose the setup that suits your space best.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Connect your Bluetooth-enabled devices to the soundbar for wireless audio streaming. Enjoy music and other content without the hassle of cords.

USB/SD Card Support

The soundbar supports playback from USB drives and SD cards, providing easy access to your stored music collection.

Built-in FM Radio

Tune in to your favorite radio stations with the built-in FM radio feature. Enjoy a variety of radio content without requiring an external radio receiver.

Remote Control

The included remote control allows you to manage the soundbar's settings, audio sources, and volume with ease, ensuring a convenient and user-friendly experience.

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Audionic Twin Bar 3 2.1 (BAR) Wall Mount...
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