BYINTEK SKY K7 Basic 200 ANSI Lumens Upto 1920x 1080 Full HD Video Player

The BYINTEK SKY K7 Basic is a compact projector designed for home entertainment and small presentations. Here are some key specifications and features of the BYINTEK SKY K7 Basic:

  • Brightness: 200 ANSI Lumens

    • The 200 ANSI Lumens rating indicates the projector's brightness. While this level of brightness is suitable for dimly lit rooms, it may not perform well in well-lit environments. For the best image quality, it's recommended to use the projector in a dark or low-light setting.

  • Resolution: Up to 1920 x 1080 (Full HD)

    • The projector supports Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels), which is suitable for displaying high-definition content such as movies, videos, and presentations. This resolution provides sharp and clear images.

  • Video Player: 

  • The BYINTEK SKY K7 Basic is equipped with a built-in video player, allowing you to play videos directly from various sources, such as USB drives or microSD cards. This feature can be convenient for watching movies and videos without needing an external media player.

  • Projection Size: 

  • The maximum achievable projection size may vary, but it's typically in the range of 30 inches to 120 inches or more, depending on the distance from the projector to the screen or wall.

  • Sound:

  •  The projector comes with built-in speakers, but the audio quality from built-in speakers is usually modest. You may want to consider external speakers or a sound system for a better audio experience, especially for home theater use.

BYINTEK SKY K7 Basic 200 ANSI Lumens Upt...
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