Dell Latitude 5289 Original Battery Replacement 7.6V 7500mAh

Product Overview

Does your laptop battery read "plugged in not charging?" or simply is your laptop battery not charging? 

More often than not this could be because you need a new battery for your laptop. Most Laptop batteries have a lifespan of between 2-3 years but at times even longer depending on usage and your charging cycle. 

Have you noticed that all of a sudden the number of hours in between your laptop battery charges has become shorter and shorter?

What is a Charging Cycle: 

A  laptop battery charge cycle is the process of charging a rechargeable battery and discharging it as required into a load. The term is typically used to specify a battery's expected life, as the number of charge cycles affects life more than the mere passage of time. Discharging the battery fully before recharging may be called "deep discharge"; partially discharging then recharging may be called "shallow discharge".

What is advisable?

A deep discharge of your laptop battery is therefore most advisable. However this may not be fully practical but if you expect a longer life from your laptop battery then this is the only option. 

What do I do to have a longer laptop battery life?

  1. Charge your laptop battery fully( till 100%), preferably as you use it

  2. Disconnect your laptop from the power adapter

  3. Continue using your laptop until the battery reaches 10-15%

  4. Re-connect the laptop charger and charge fully once again as you continue using the laptop

  5. If you prefer to get a full charge while your laptop is off then please ensure that you monitor your laptop closely. However this may prove to be a bit challenging

How do I know if my laptop battery is fully charged if I'm charging while my laptop is off?

Most laptops have a small light that usually goes on just next to the laptop charging port and is sure to be noticed as soon as you connect your laptop charger. If say it turns orange as soon as you connect your laptop charger then it is very likely it may turn to a different color like white when the laptop is fully charged. Disconnect your laptop charger as soon as you notice this. 

This change in color simply means your laptop battery is not charging any more. Further charge will simply ruin the battery eventually.

Don'ts when it comes to charging your laptop battery

  1. Do not charge your laptop overnight

  2. Do not use a new laptop before charging for at least 6 hours no matter how tempting it is to test your brand new laptop

  3. Once you have purchased your laptop battery in our Nairobi or Mombasa Branches, please ensure you charge for at least 6 hours before using

What is the average Laptop Battery Price in Kenya for my laptop?

Most laptop battery prices range from ksh 3000- ksh 9,500 this majorly depends on the type of laptop that you have which in turn determines whether your laptop battery is internal or external.

An external laptop battery is one which is easily removable by moving the clips at the back of your laptop.

An internal laptop battery is not visible from the outside and you may require the service of our technicians to get it exchanged/removed. This is usually done free of charge. More often than not this would take less than 30 mins.

How do i tell which kind of laptop battery my laptop uses?

  1. Using the model number of your laptop. More often than not this can be found at the back of your laptop.

  1. Most removable laptop batteries have their model number written on them. Please share clear pictures of these to our team via whatsApp and we should be able to quote your laptop battery price in Kenya and or in Mombasa

Examples of laptop battery model numbers are:

TE03XL, BK03XL, HS04, B104, KP03, LK03XL

On some laptop batteries, the manufacturer could also indicate for you "replace with ……..." you may also share this with us and we'll get the laptop battery that is right for your laptop.

Most of all, once your have purchased your laptop battery from Saruk Digital Solutions, we give you a 1 month warranty to test it. During this period, incase of any defects the laptop battery purchased in Nairobi or our Mombasa branches can be exchanged with another.

Compatible Models

  • Compatible Part Number: K5XWW 71TG4 725KY N18GG 6CYH6.
  • Compatible Models: Dell Latitude 5289 2-in-1 Series, Dell Latitude E5289 2-in-1 Series, Dell Latitude 7389 Series, Dell Latitude 7389 2-in-1 Series, Dell Latitude 7390 2-in-1 Series (not compatible with Latitude 7390 Series), Dell Latitude L3180 Series.

General Specifications

  • Voltage: 7.6 V
  • Capacity: 60 Wh 7500 mAh
  • Battery type: lithium ion polymer
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