Generic 150MHz 4-Port VGA Splitter White

Product Overview

The 4-Port VGA Splitter with Audio is a VGA splitter that allows a single VGA video and audio signal to be distributed to four output displays. The splitter supports up to 450 MHz of video bandwidth providing video quality with supported resolutions up to 1920x1440. The splitter features serial control through the built-in RS-232 port which allows the splitter to be controlled through a high-end controller or PC. Designed for use in CCTV, conference rooms, training facilities, and multi-display broadcasting the splitter can be cascaded up to three levels allowing the single video signal to be sent across numerous video displays while still sustaining high quality resolutions.

General Specifications

  • Video quality up to 1920 x 1440 at 60 Hz
  • Supports up to 450 MHz bandwidth
  • Supports VGA, SVGA, UXGA, WUXGA, and multisync
  • RS-232 serial port for command controls
  • Supports stereo audio
  • Plug-and-play, no software installation required

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Generic 150MHz 4-Port VGA Splitter White...
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