Generic 200x200 cm Electric Projector Screen Ready Slow Motorized Mechanism

Product Overview

Generic 200x200cm Motorized Projector screen can be used with any Projector and can be mounted on wall. The 120V 34460 Electrical 200x200 cm Motorized Screen is a ceiling or wall mounted electric screen. A variety of finishes and veneer options are available. Matte White is a fiberglass surface for non-high-definition projection and environments with controllable ambient light that can display color as well as black and white images. Cone: 120° Gain: 1.0. Its integrated mounting solutions allow it to be installed on the wall or ceiling suspended. 

Matte White Fabrique

The most versatile screen fabric surface and the premier choice when ambient light is controllable. The Matte White projector screen fabric evenly distributes light over a wide viewing area, while colors remain bright and life-like, with no shifts in hue or contrast. The 120° viewing angle allows for a very wide audience seating arrangement. With an even Gain of 1.0, this projector screen fabric allows for no loss of brightness from the projection source, as long as ambient light is controlled. A black backing to the fabric is also added to impede any light penetration from behind the projected surface.

General Specifications

  • Sturdy Steal Casing in Your Choice of Black or White Finish
  • Flush Wall or Ceiling Installation
  • Auto-Lock Mechanism for Aspect Ratio Versatility
  • 2-Year Manufactures Warranty 

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