WRC 9 FIA World Rally Championship PlayStation 5 Racing Driving Rally Off-road Multiplayer

Product Overview

WRC 9 on PS5 runs smoothly, with 4K presentation and 60 fps, which is never compromised. The cars look remarkable, as close to the real thing as we’ve seen so far. The detail in the different courses is also impressive, but so are the little touches; the raindrops on your windscreen, the sunlight that clips the trees and glazes over your bonnet, and the rubble that flicks up into the air is shown in staggering detail. Your surroundings are a joy to look at, and the clarity in the roads is ridiculous.

Blitzing through the career mode is never hindered by long load times, allowing you to jump from your headquarters to the track in seconds. Although the game modes are completely untouched, the biggest difference is how the DualSense controller impacts the gameplay. As you damage your car or travel across awkward terrain, the acceleration becomes stiff, meaning you have to be more careful about how you race around the track.

Every gear change makes the vibrations pop, and depending on the type of course you’re racing on, the controller reacts to it. If you’re racing across gravel, you can feel almost every stone flick up from your wheel, and every pool of water splash across the course as you race through it. The built-in speaker helps to amplify these vibrations, too. You hear the stones, the water, or the smooth terrain as you drive across it, providing one of the most immersive racing experiences to date. WRC 9 does a much better job of making use of the haptic feedback.

WRC 9 on PS5 proves that when done right, the DualSense is an extension of not only the technical superiority of the PS5, but the gameplay.  It’s staggering how good this feature is, giving us a great sign of things to come in the future.

General Specifications
  • Genre: Racing / Driving - Rally / Off-road
  • Multiplayer: Yes
  • Compete all over the world including 3 brand new rallies in Kenya, Japan, and New Zealand
  • New game modes, including the new Club system, where you can create your own online Championships and invite friends from all over the world to compete
  • More than 100 stages to tackle and over 15 historical cars
  • Experience a new level of realism and immersion with better vehicle physics, brand new environments and rally pace-notes

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